Public Comments goes Live

August 24, 2007 at 1:14 am (site news)

Unregistered users can now comment and vote on stories that are posted.  This has been somewhat tricky because I want to avoid breaking the website. 🙂  I encourage people to test it and report back any odd problems they might occur because this took quite a bit of re-writing of code (and head scratching) to make work.

If you want to be able to keep track of your voting history, message other users, vote for comments, receive comment notifications, or submit stories then you will have to register for the site.

Many of you might be thinking okay, so unregistered users can comment. . . So what?  Well, this gossip site that I have created has NEVER been done before on any website. Not Digg. Not Reddit. Not Netscape.  I have created the first hybrid user driven site that allows unregistered and registers users to co-exist.

As we all know, when you open up a system that doesn’t require registration, then things can go terribly wrong.  Spam and/or inappropriate comments are some of the problems that are bound to happen.  Surely, there must be a way to police all these comments without keeping the burden on just myself?

Of course there is, but I won’t spoil the surprise now.  If (and maybe when?) the flood of comments come, I intend to be prepared.  I will release another comment system update in September that will put the power in your hands.

Stay Tuned.


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Public Voting on Celebrity Gossip goes live

August 22, 2007 at 11:42 pm (Uncategorized)

People that who are too lazy to register for the site can now rejoice.  You may now vote on stories even though you have not registered for the site.  Early on during site development I went back and forth deciding on whether or not people should register to cast votes.  Today I decided that having public voting can only make things better.

Time will tell what kind of impact this has on the site.  In case you’re wondering, public votes will influence the gossip stories just as much as newly registered members of the site.  So it shouldn’t be too big of a problem.  The most importnat part is that it can be done in perfect harmony with registered users.  That’s why developing your own site can be fun! 🙂

At this point I am very tempted to allow anonymous voting for comments or even submitting comments.  Anonymous comments could lead to spam (among other things) but on the other hand, most gossip blogs allow it.  So I will ponder this and ask others for their opinion on the matter.

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Comment System August Update and more

August 21, 2007 at 3:44 pm (site news)

This update focuses on two things, the comment system and the rss feed. Each time I update the comment system I think to myself, “What else could i possibly need to add?”. Well, it turns out quite a few things. And I have more planned for the future.

  1. Comment System Updates.
    • Each comment that is submitted now has their total of “up” and “down” votes shown publicly. (I believe user tizerri has asked for this a bunch of times.) Prior to this I didn’t even track each of these individually, so you will see some discrepancies between total points and the breakdown. But rest assured that the total is correct.
    • When a comment receives a certain amount of positive votes then that person will receive bonus points towards their level. I thought it was about time people get rewarded for being themselves. On the other hand, a user with a negative score for their comment won’t get penalized. The only thing that happens is that their comment gets automatically hidden.
    • After a user has voted for a comment, the “up” or “down” comment icon will show up “grayed out” to remind you which way you voted . Previously, you were not shown how you voted.
    • If you look at each users “Comment History” the breakdown has been. Plus, if you look at your own comment history you can now see who has voted for or against your comments. Happy now? 🙂
    • Unregistered users now see the vote icons for comments but will be prompted to sign up when they click on them. They will also be able to see the comment breakdown. Hopefully this will entice more users to sign up knowing how much fun it can be.
  2. RSS Feeds. The RSS feeds have been tweaked a bit to adhere to proper formatting. Now your news reader will show how long ago a story was submitted properly (and in some cases who submitted it). Also, each story listed is broken down into categories by 1) Celebrity Name and 2)Domain Source . If you want to see what I am talking about then open up IE7 (if you have it) and go to

  3. Celebrity Cloud. This is just a fun way to show which celebrities are the most popular. The bigger the name, the more popular.

If anyone encounters weird bugs or think something isn’t quite right then make sure to let me know. Hopefully to you guys the site looks well organized and straightforward because behind the scenes things are getting very complex (especially comments and voting!).

Also, I’d like to thank cozgotti and forbin001 for their hard work.

Enjoy Celebrity PWN

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