December Christmas update is well rounded

December 1, 2007 at 1:31 am (Uncategorized)

The last time I blogged about new features was all the way back in late September. As you all know, changing hosts wasn’t exactly a smooth process. I also realize the site isn’t responsive at all times, for example you click to vote for something and it pauses for 5 seconds. That is due to my lovely host. 🙂

  • Major CMS Updates
    • gossip stories can now be edited for up to 24hrs after a post. (For those of you who make mistakes)
    • users can now report stories. this helps prevent against spam posts, nonsense posts, and to censor nudity
      • just like with comments, the power users moderate the stories they are alerted to
    • modified how domains get created for being a “Most Popular Site”, this is now based on how many frontpage stories they get
    • modified the way stories get re-promoted as a “hot story”.
  • Public comments comments may now subscribe to the story to receive emails for all new comments posted
  • Updates to profile include how many points left until next user class and what stories they are subscribed to

December also will hold a surprise and will reward user activity in different categories.  Use your imagination.  Also keep in mind that the Win a Microsoft 30 gig Zune  contest is still open until mid December.  Those of you who wish to be eligible, simply refer a friend under your login name.

Until next time 🙂


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