Birthday Bash Mega Site Update, CelebrityPWN Celebrates One Year

February 4, 2008 at 11:20 pm (Uncategorized)

CelebrityPWN is now a year old. Can you believe it? I present to you a birthday present for the site that everyone can enjoy:

1) Changes When Viewing an Individual Story:

  • Added “Latest Stories” that show the latest stories added on the site
  • Both “Similar Stories” and “Latest Stories” now have small thumbnails that can be enlarged
  • Report Story button has been reworked, and is now more obvious with its own icon
  • Behind the scenes changes as well that power users can appreciate.

2) Significant changes to the story promotion algorithm. I’d tell you what but I’d have to kill you.

3) New Profile Stats

  • Site figures out your favorite celebrity
  • Site determines whether you are a self promoting blogger or an actual fan of gossip. (There is a difference yanno)
  • Top 5 biggest fans for your stories submitted and comments (limited to D-List Users or better)
  • A complete overhaul for the profile page is due next time. I will be adding A LOT more stats in the very near future. Thanks to Wonder Rob for showing me the light.

4) The fresh stories page now hides who submitted the story. This will hopefully prevent people from just voting for their friends.

5) New banners added, YAY

6) Easier to Submit Stories than Ever before! Story Submission completely overhauled. Its much nicer and was heavily influenced by and’s story submission process. Simply enter the URL of the story you want to submit:

  • Automatically finds the picture from the website and lets you pick the one you want
  • Automatically fills in the title
  • And sometimes, even fills in the description of the story for you.

7) New “Add to CPWN” Buttons were created. Add them to your website immediately. They are so purdy!

8 ) “Add to CPWN” Bookmarklet has been created located on the tools page. You can now simply click this button when you are browsing the web and it will take you to celebritypwn and fill in the URL automatically.

9 ) Home page now lists 25 stories rather than 15 due to the amount of stories being promoted.  You should be doing more reading and less clicking now.

Quickly, a few other things that I didn’t mention is the fact that our new host ServInt seems to be doing the job much better than my previous host in the past month or so. January was by far our biggest month ever and 2008 seems to be the year of the PWN. We are now ranked a top 100k site in the last 3 months according to Alexa. Our rank now hovers at around 96,000th and our average rank for the past month has been around 60,000th. This is a BIG deal for me and the loyal site users who stuck around since the beginning. Also, thanks to all the new users!



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